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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question hopefully we have answered it here. If we don't, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We are happy to help.

Q -What modification should I do first?
A - This depends on how you plan to use your 4x4. If you do not plan to tackle any "hard core" trails or obstacles, you may want to change out rims and tires or even add a small suspension lift. If you plan to spend most of your time with this vehicle off-road, you will want to consider your size of motor, axle size and ratio, tire size, safety features such as a full roll cage, heavy duty bumpers, and perhaps a winch.


Q - What gear ratio should I run?
A - This question has a lot of variables you must consider such as vehicle size, motor size, axles, tires, etc. It really depends on how you utilize your 4x4.


Q - If my 4x4 only weighs 4000 pounds does that mean I only need a 4000 pound winch?
A - No, the rule of thumb is to purchase a winch rated for as close to double the weight of your rig. So, a 4000 pound vehicle should have a 8000 pound winch.


Q - How much air pressure do I need to run in my tires?
A - If you are running on the road, you must always have your tires inflated to their manufacturers suggested PSI. Once you are off the main road entering the trail system, you will want to let out a few pounds of air. Don't let out too much at first and try your first obstacle. If you have no trouble making it through, you should be fine. If you have difficulty on the obstacle, you may want to let a few more pounds of air out of the tire. If you do not have beadlock rims, be extremely cautious you do not let out too much air that you will pop a tire bead.