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We Are A Full-Service Customization Shop

Top to bottom, front to back, we have or can make everything you need. You tell us what you want, or give us some ideas and we will help you make a plan to take your vehicle anywhere you want to go. Since we are on the trails too, we know what your vehicle can handle and where you need to start upgrading.

Exterior Modifications

Changing out your stock vehicle parts for high-performance parts is the first thing you should consider when preparing to offroad your vehicle. We can outfit your vehicle for any terrain you are headed for, and keep you in the style you want.

Rims & Tires

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Changing out your stock rims and tires for oversize will give you ground clearance, better traction, and style.

Soft Tops

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We have soft tops available from multiple manufacturers. We have choices in many colors and styles. 


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Adding some lighting to your vehicle will give you what you need to see at night, and be seen by others.

Hitches & Towing

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Hitches and towing accessories you need to take your toys on your next adventure.


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From winches and straps to soft shackles, we have every piece of recovery equipment you need.

Suspension Modifications

Offroading can be a sport that includes comfort. We do evetrything we can to make your ride exciting. With the right lifts, alignments, and other custom performance modifications you’ll be happy on the trails or cruising around town.

Lift Kits

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The correct suspension lift will give you the look you want and the performance you need. Quality parts installed correctly will give you great results.

Leveling Kits

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Add a leveling kit to your towing rig so you do down the road looking sharp and not saggy. 


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Proper alignment will ensure you get the most out of your new upgrades. 

Fabrication - plasma table

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From repairing or reinforcing your existing system, to complete custom suspensions we have the skills and equipment to handle your project.

Custom Builds

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Whatever your needs, ask us and we will work with you to build it. We can design and cut using our plasma table to give your off-road vehicle customization without sacrificing design for fit.

Driveline Modifications

All the pretty stuff doesn’t matter much if you don’t have the power to make it go. Modifying your driveline takes care of everything under the hood back to the tailpipe. Making all the parts work together for the most enjoyment is what we do.


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Increasing your engine performance will give you the power you need to offroad through any terrain.



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Building a more robust axle assembly gives you more durability and stability in offroading terrain.

Transfer Cases

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Rebuilding or upgrading your transfer case to send power where you want it.


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Upgraded driveshafts to increase durability and strength.

Exterior, Suspension, Drive Train, You Name It, We’ll Be there.

Serving You From Mid-Michigan


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